The Vitavia Greenhouse Range

Vitavia Venus Greenhouses

The 6ft wide Vitavia Venus Greenhouse is our best selling Vitavia greenhouse. From the handy little 6x4 through to the largest 6x12, the Venus gives the greenhouse gardener a simple, strong design that will last a lifetime. The perfect garden or allotment greenhouse.

From £269

Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouses

The Vitavia Jupiter Greenhouse is an 8ft wide double door greenhouse for the serious grower. It features high eaves (4ft 11"), 2 or 4 roof vents, integral gutters and large double doors. Choose an anodized silver or powder coated green finish.

From £598

Vitavia Orion Greenhouses

The Vitavia Orion 6ft wide Greenhouse with it's pretty curved eaves is available in 6x6 or 8x6 sizes. The curved section is achieved using u/v protected acrylic panels that join the roof glass and sides.

From £408

Vitavia Neptune Greenhouses

The Vitavia Neptune 8ft Wide Greenhouse is our entry level 8ft wide model. The Neptune has a single sliding door, 2 opening roof vents and integral gutters. Choose from anodized silver and powder coated green finishes.

From £518

Vitavia Saturn Greenhouses

The Vitavia Saturn Greenhouse is an 8ft Wide double door greenhouse with beautiful curved eaves, 1 to 4 roof vents and integral gutters. Available in anodized silver or powder coated green.

From £568

Vitavia Zeus Greenhouses

The Vitavia Zeus Greenhouse is an 8ft Wide semi-professional greenhouse for the passionate gardener. The greenhouse has high eaves at 6ft 2" and a unique glazing system without a single glazing clip needed as well as a locking stable door.

From £2,139

Vitavia Hera Hexagonal Greenhouses

The Vitavia Hera Greenhouse with it's hexagonal shape is a nice warm environment for plants and people with many gardeners using it as a sun room as well as a greenhouse. Available in anodized silver or powder coated green.

From £548

Vitavia Sirius Greenhouses

The Vitavia Sirius is an Orangery style greenhouse. The Sirius is available in silver, green and black finishes.

From £1,799

Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouses

The Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse range has 2ft and 4ft Deep (from the wall) lean to’s to choose from in anodized silver or powder coated green. Choose from horticultural glass or 4mm toughened glass.

From £208

Vitavia Helena Lean to Greenhouses

The Helena's double doors can be positioned on the front or alternatively placed on either end. The glass is held in place within aluminium frame using bar capping for safety and wind resistance. A 10mm thick polycarbonate roof for safety and shade rounds off this great specification.

From £1,719

Vitavia offer an eclectic range of ten superb greenhouses, these include lean tos, garden rooms and an orangery. All are renowned for great design and top class build quality. Each greenhouse is named after a mythical god, they have different attributes and features, dimensions and growing areas. Every model is designed to be feature filled and at the same time handsomely presented... Read More →

This is shown most clearly by the Orion and Saturn greenhouses with their marvellous curved eaves, but their attractive nature shouldn't hide the fact that they are also very practical by offering the optimum growing height for tall plants.

This is true for all the other Vitavia greenhouses. However appealing their outlook, the overriding consideration is to create an environment in which plants flourish and the demands of the gardener, whether they are a beginner or semi-professional, are satisfied.

Lean to greenhouses or wall gardens, suitable for balconies or patios, are well represented by Ida - if you have restricted space and want to grow fresh produce ready to pick for the kitchen - and Helena, in the style of a conservatory, for larger areas.

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Zeus are traditionally shaped greenhouses but each one offers something a little different. 6ft wide, 8ft wide, 4ft long or 20ft long, high eaves or a tall ridge, single or double doors, take your choice from a vast range.

Two magnificently styled garden rooms are represented by Hera, an exceptional hexagonal shaped structure that's wonderful both to admire and to spend time relaxing inside, and Sirius, a beautiful multi-faceted orangery style garden room which has endless recreational and horticultural possibilities.

The anodised aluminium used in the construction of every greenhouse guarantees brilliant long lasting colours that won't tarnish– silver has a sheen that makes the frame shimmer in the sunlight while green blends perfectly in with the landscape. Certain other models are available in black which is very effective at eliciting appreciative remarks.

And the extremely sturdy frame, reinforced by roof and corner braces, has all the answers when tested by bad weather, its rgidity and exra strength proving a valuable asset.

All the glazing has tremendous light transmission, filling the interior with brightness and warmth. Horticultural glass usually comes as standard but you have the opportunity to upgrade to toughened safety glass or polycarbonate, this is particulalry worth thinking about if you have small chldren.

Any curved eaves are formed with UV protected acylic panels that prevent plants from scorching and polycarbonate panelled roofs restrict heat loss and reduce condensation. Temperature and humidity is also regulated by opening vents that increase in number with the size of the greenhouse.

It's not difficult to see why Vitavia greenhouses are so popular, they offer exceptional value for money and their specifications, style, design and build standards are first rate for anyone seeking a high calibre greenhouse at an affordable price.